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Why Solar?

Commercial Solar Systems are rapidly growing in popularity as business owners, corporations, farmers and manufacturers now realize they can increase profitability by reducing or eliminating operational costs associated with their power usage.

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural entities can benefit from a 30% federal tax credit, 26% depreciation, and up to 25% in USDA grants in applicable communities. Power bills are greatly reduced and, in some cases, eliminated, allowing you to allocate money saved to grow and sustain your business.

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Why All-Tech Energy?

All-Tech Energy works closely with utility providers to ensure power reliability and optimization while providing clients with an aesthetically appealing installation of solar panels and power inverters. Master electrician and owner of All-Tech Energy, Larry Madura, brings more than 30 years of experience to lead our certified installation team deployed to each project, thereby ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with timeliness, quality workmanship, and attractiveness from start-up to commissioning.

​Ready to Save? It’s Easy to Get Started! We help you to make an informed decision by first educating you about the various types of installations, tax incentives, rebates (if any) that are available through your power company, as well as your annual savings, payback, and savings over the lifetime of a 25-year warrantied system. This initial meeting includes a complimentary energy audit based on your average usage trends (one-year), a design schematic specific to your location, and all incentives and rebates available to you.


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